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Jewelry Materials

All About Jewelry, made of the most famous materials


Stainless Steel

Stainless steel jewelry will not easily blacken and does not rust if exposed to water. Stainless steel jewelry, will maintain their shiny surface and therefore, this will facilitate their cleaning procedure. In addition, they are very resistant towards scratches.
Stainless Seel Jewels

Silver 925

Silver 925 jewelry has a strong metallic luster, as well as showing the greatest surface reflectivity among all metal jewelry. Silver jewelry does not oxidize much when it is continuously exposed to air and water. You should only expect a surface oxidation to occur due to the formation of a thin layer of silver sulfide when silver comes in contact with sulfur in the atmosphere. For the creation of the jewelry, no pure silver was involved; but alloys that have improved properties. The most common jewelry alloy is sterling silver alloy which contains 925 parts of pure silver in a thousand parts of alloy. Long story short, silver jewelry should only blacken on the surface, leaving a stain on the skin which, however, you do not need to be concerned for allergies. Plus, it is easily washed off by both the skin and the jewelry without leaving a mark or damaging the jewel.
Silver 925 Jewels

Brass - Eco Brass

Brass jewelry is made of a copper brass alloy, including 15% zinc. The aforementioned alloy has satisfactory resistance to oxidation, as well as corrosion, so that jewelry will not end up rusty, blackened or easily scratched. Τhey are also very durable to the application of various treatments – such as polishing.

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