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Our Story:


The Biggining

It all started in a small town called Lavrion in Greece. She was a little girl with big dreams, magnetized by everything that shines. Most of the walks with her mother would probably end in front of a jewellery shop window; her mother “Let’s go! You have too much already!” When she was 7 years old, living in a house by the sea, she created her first makeshift “shop” assisted by her best friend. This little business took place in her yard and its clientele was the neighbors passing by. This way, the bright little girl could make save some pocket money on order to buy jewelry for herself and her beloved ones.

And Then…

Growing up, this restless spirit wanted to the dream to come true. So she was constantly searching for ways and means to create her own jewelry business; it always seemed too hard. Having to cope with many obstacles in daily life and a very tight schedule, she did not cease to dream and keep on fighting for it. It was another hard day’s night on the couch when her own thoughts took her by surprise: “Buy Bye Jewelry!” It was the sign she needed and furthermore the motivation to bring her vision to reality.

The Place

Greece. Our Greece. It was about those colors, that aura that always inspired her and stimulated her creativity. Opening wide her windows, gazing the infinite blue of the sea, getting refreshed its smell; she was thirsty for change. Her destiny had her working abroad for a while but she knew; she belongs back there where she grew up and craved to be. That place was where she felt complete and free; it was where it all started.

And Now…

When I close my eyes I see that little kid popping a smile and hear her say “We did it!” She’s proud of me.

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